Counselling in Edinburgh

I am a counsellor in Edinburgh, providing professional, confidential counselling to help you to understand and work through issues that are causing problems in your life.
Working  together we learn about the early decisions you made about how best to cope with events. These are likely related to your current feelings and lead to some of your behaviour patterns which now feel out of context or unhelpful.

As a counsellor I believe good mental health is just as important as good physical health, one supports the other:
Both need good care and attention, and a regular stock-take is invaluable. Too often people under-value their mental health and ignore early warning signs or withstand symptoms for too long.

In counselling we will decide together what changes need to be made and agree the way forward.  I will provide you with tools and information to change unwanted behaviour and problematic ways of thinking and feeling.

Counselling for positive and lasting changeCounsellor Edinburgh
As with physical problems, it is important to recognise the conditions underlying the symptoms.  Our individual circumstances are all different. In counselling I tailor therapy accordingly, choosing methods appropriate to your needs. As we work together, you will realise why you feel and react the way you do. You will understand your patterns of behaviour. You can then decide what choices you have and how to do to put them into action. This is one of the first steps toward positive and lasting change.

For a counselling appointment or to chat about concerns, call 07779 149583 (24 hr messaging service), or fill in the  contact form.