Long Distance Therapy

Skype and Phone Therapy

Skype and phone therapy are effective methods of long distance therapy which can be teamed with occasional face-to-face meetings.
The range of people using therapy services reflects that of the general population. For clients who live in geographic locations where psychotherapy services are scarce, long distance therapy is particularly useful.

Distance therapy is also used for people for whom transport is difficult, or in more remote areas such as the Shetland or Western Isles. counselling edinburghIt is particularly useful for clients who are moving abroad or to another location in Britain through work or personal reasons, who want to continue their therapy.

Additionally, some clients are unable to regularly leave their homes because of for example, young children, other dependants, mobility issues, agoraphobia or other issues which make it difficult to leave home.

Distance therapy in conjunction with occasional face-to-face therapy allows people to use therapy services which otherwise may be difficult to access.




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