When psychotherapy can help


You might come to psychotherapy because you feel panicked, tense, exhausted or scared. Or you may feel generally sad, dissatisfied, lost or stuck. Psychotherapy can help you to identify the problem.


Sometimes it’s hard to explain what you feel and you fear people may not understand. People may say you look well, but on the inside you feel anything but well. psychotherapy can help you understand your feelings.


It can be hard to find the words to explain what’s going on when there is confusion. Psychotherapy can help you find the words.

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What you feel can be hard to expressSometimes it’s hard to find the words to explain what is going on inside. Sometimes it’s easier to express how we feel through images.


In psychotherapy you might be encouraged to express things in different ways, such as through metaphors, dreams or pictures. Psychotherapy can help you express yourself.